Who Am I?

Author: Bhebs Ginete
Date: May 29, 2015

Hi, I'm Bhebs. I grew up in Batangas and currently living with my mother in Cavite since she got her own house there. I'm a Business Management graduate in Cavite State University last year. After graduation, I got my first job in an IT and Design foreign company as an Office Assistant/Video Editor in Manila and started to move there. Just this year, I was offered to work at home with the same company.

I always dream to travel places ever since I was a kid and take pictures. But of course, during those times I can't fill those dreams with just my monthly school allowance. 

And now that I have my own job, I am still not sure if I could to that. Because here's the thing:
  • Recently, my bf and I bought a house which we are paying monthly. Well, we are preparing for our future. Haha!
  • I am helping my mother in school expenses of my youngest brother who is already in college. Well, Marine Engineering lang naman yung course. (Ang laki kaya ng tuition!)
  • Lastly, it's hard to say no everytime my family wants to buy something especially I have money. I don't know why! haha...
Other things about me:
  • I am not adventurous in terms of food. But I like to try atleast tastes different dishes.
  • I love beaches and see underwater creatures. But I don't know how to swim (I am working on that)
  • I don't know how to ride a bike! I don't know why I can't.
  • I have no experience in blogging. (I'm still exploring and learning)
But I will try really hard to fulfill those dreams even little by little to become a legit travel blogger (I'm not sure what does it means, it's just sounds great). I want to treasure and share my travel experiences and hoping to impart knowledge to my readers even I have really bad English. Haha...