Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Peak at Gaisano Mall Davao City

The Peak in Gaisano Mall is the newest hangout attraction in Davao. It is the expansion of the existing mall which houses several restaurants. The inviting lure of the Mall's sky-park themed Al fresco ambiance and beautifully landscaped surrounding with its interactive fountains at the center is surely a happy treat to families and friends even business associates needing to shop and dine or simply hang-out and relax from stressful day. 

What’s nice with The Peak is it is panoramic 360 degrees view of the city of Davao and you can even see the Davao Gulf and the picturesque island of Samal with  its mountain and the sea surrounding it.

It is a perfect place for dinner dates because of the romantic view of the city at night. It's too bad that I can't stay longer until night to see it. 

Next destination: Secdea Beach Resort, Samal

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