Friday, July 3, 2015

Davao Tourist Spots: People's Park

People's Park is a cultural-theme park located at the center of Davao City. This park is the brainchild of the then mayor of Davao City, Rodrigo Duterte, who led the ceremonial inauguration of the park in December 15, 2007. This is 5 minutes walk from the hotel where we checked-in.

People's Park

My boyfriend told me that this 4-hectare park was formerly the dilapidated old PTA ground where the city used to host athletic meets, sports events, orchid shows, concerts, and other citywide events. And during those times, this was just their playground when he was little (what a big playground huh...). Now, take a look at the old PTA ground. It was transformed into a beautiful, relaxing and clean park adorned with tropical rainforest trees, large sculptures, interactive fountains, ponds and waterfalls, a durian dome, a shady and open plaza, and a statue of a gigantic Philippine eagle, and has now become a landmark and major attraction of the City for the tourists, visitors and even the locals.

You will see these posters before you enter the park. The security guard inspects the bags of the visitors before entering. This park has no entrance fee, but on weekends, it's practically packed with people and visitors from all over.

People's Park Schedule

Things not allowed inside

People's Park Davao City
People's Park

People's Park
Durian Dome

The Durian Dome serves as the visitor's center and main entrance which opens to the park. The spiky dome roof was artistically designed after the spiky shell of the durian, a tropical fruit which Davao City is known for.

Around the park are different statues representing indigenous groups in Southern Mindanao by famed Mindanao artist Kublai Millan.

After an abundant harvest of fruits and vegetables

People's Park
Painting Exhibit

Fish Pond
By the way, that's my boyfriend and my travel buddy.

Fish Pond sculpture
Sculpture at the Fish Pond 

People's Park
Comfort room for men and women

People's Park Playground

People's Park
Park Sculpture

Photo by

The interactive fountains is one of the park's attraction that can be found at the center of the field. They also have a dancing fountain shows that kids will surely love to witness. This is a popular destination for locals at night. The fountain show starts at 5:00 pm everyday.

Interactive fountain

People's Park
Human Sculpture that represents the Natives of Davao City


People's Park offers a treat for those who wants to relax, enjoy and relieve stress of their daily work routine. Visit People's Park with your family, friends or loved ones.

Jump shot at the ground field
Let's look at the map

People's Park, done! Now, where's next?

Next destination: City Hall of Davao

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